Information for Church Leaders

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about Precept Ministries UK. As a non-denominational organisation we support and serve the local church, helping to fulfil Christ’s command to make disciples.

Exploring the Options

We like to listen to your individual situation and then explore together the most appropriate way to proceed. Please feel free to call us on 01722 770028.

The method of inductive Bible study is excellent for the widest range of people: from those not yet of faith, to those maturing in the faith, to Church leaders. It is not the method that is important, it is the very Word of God, and by our training and resources, we help people really get to grips with it.

Coming to Your Church

If you would like us to come to your church or group, please either call the Precept Ministries UK office on 01722 770028 and we will discuss your individual requirements or complete this form and we will contact you.

        “One of the trends I’ve noticed over recent years is an increasing lack of confidence when
        it comes to knowing God’s Word. Precept Ministries UK has a heart to change this. They
        have excellent resources based on an inductive Bible study approach that I can
        wholeheartedly commend to you, having personally worked with it. Many at my church have
        grown in faith and in their knowledge of the Bible through Precept Ministries UK. They
        understand the urgent need to equip God’s people with a good working knowledge of the Bible
        so that they can grow in faith and be equipped to live, love, pray, worship, serve and share the
        good news of Jesus with others. You will struggle to find people more passionate about the
        Bible. They have bags of energy, enthusiasm and integrity. If you want to encourage your
        people to deepen their knowledge of the Bible then I’d recommend getting in contact with
        Precept Ministries UK.” 
                                                                                Reverend Craig Ryalls, St Paul’s Church, Salisbury

Click on the video links to hear what 2 other church leaders have to say.

Barry Forder Simon May

Precept Ministries UK is a member of the Evangelical Alliance.    

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