Start a Group

If you are keen to start right away, choose a study and get going! There are good instructions on how to get going in each of the books.

Choosing A Study

Ask the Lord for direction as you seek to know what topic or book of the Bible you should study. As you plan, pray that God would bring together those who are to join you.

If your group is new to inductive Bible study we suggest beginning with one of the following studies:

We suggest that new Precept-Upon-Precept groups with new leaders might begin with:

NB. The New Inductive Study Series (NISS) does not have the Bible text in the book and therefore to do your markings you will need the Bible text. Options are:

  • Mark your own Bible
  • Go to a website where you can import the Bible text into a document and then print if off. is a good one for this.
  • Purchase a New Inductive Study Bible which is excellent for this.

Inviting others to join you

Prayer is key, so do contact the office as we’ll pray too.

We strongly advise all those new to inductive study to stick with it - we recommend at least 4-6 separate sessions, so that a proper assessment of the method can be made. Sometimes people initially question the effectiveness of marking the text and using other inductive skills because it is a new way of study for them, but later they realise how beneficial, helpful and practical it really is.

Choosing your place and time to meet

Meeting in a home is often a good place, provided you have adequate seating. Church buildings of course can also be a very good place to meet. The workplace is likely to require permission but think creatively about where and when to meet. We have had groups that meet in pubs and cafés.

Other things to think about

Identify someone who can co-lead with you or step in should you be unwell or away and get help with ordering your study materials, setting up the room etc.  Ordering through Precept Ministries UK helps fund ministry and training of more people in inductive Bible study. Place your order online or by phoning 01722 770028. 

You can ‘take a look’ at the first week (or part thereof) of each study and print it off before you buy it. This can be helpful if you have people who join your group at the last minute and have not yet bought a book! To do this go to the online shop.

We advise you to:

  • Inform your Church leader if you plan to start your own group. Precept Ministries UK is here to support and help build the Church.
  • Be cautious about introducing Precept studies into existing groups unless all members agree to do it. To help them decide, consider taking other group members through a Lightning study first to give them a taster.