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Aged 15 I attended a Precept inductive seminar because my pastor told me I should. That was 8 years ago. I’m still studying my Bible this way and blog about it, encouraging other young people to do it too.       




         Grier's encouragement
         to study the Bible inductively.



"After hearing the lecture on studying the Bible inductively, there has been a huge difference in the way that I study and learn from the Bible. It has really helped me to both understand God's Word and also how to apply it to my own life - so much so that I preached on a passage at church one evening after studying it inductively in the way shared during the lecture. I have taken to using this method in my devotional times, too, and have found myself looking forward to these times spent in the Word more and more in anticipation of what will be revealed to me!"
                                                                                   - Connie, 18-year-old student at Moorlands Bible College

  • Have a go. Click on the link below for a free lightning study to get you started.

            -  Psalm 23

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